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Genealogy from the first family Baltierra of the captaincy general new end of Santiago

Genealogy from the first family Baltierra of the captaincy general new end of Santiago from Chile. Century XVIII - 2016 -

A late fourteenth century Juan de Valterra[1]Baron Castelmontan, Mr. de Villanueva, islands of Formentera and Montán of Aument, Montanejos, source reinaTorres Torres, Algimia and Alfafar, had by only daughter and heir to Isabel de Valterra, woman Francisco Berenguer de Blanes, army general de Mallorca in 1464 and troops sent there by the king of Aragon in 1468, Viceroy of Mallorca in 1478, lord of the baronies of Cotes, Canet, Albalat and mowed he inherited from his father, noble succession. Of their children:

1. Juan de Valterra Blanes server was Fernando and Perpiñan 1528, Mr. Torres Torres, etc, and one of the three gentlemen elected by the kingdom of Valencia to form the Council requested that Carlos V views on their response to headquarters challenge sent king Francis I of France and 2. Hernando de Valterra, born in Valencia and his brother Vicente Valterra of Blanes, went to Castilla ...;

Today in 2016 Rosa Maria de Castellví and Busquets (born 1959), XXVI Baronne de Torres-Torres, 1995 is the current holder from rehabilitation by Alfonso XIII[2] In Getafe, a town of good land next to Madrid today working class district of the capital, he was based one Valtierra family. From it come those who follow, descending from "infanzonadas noble houses" as the king of weapons Josef Alfonso War in the certificate of escutcheons which of them came to Chile he said.

The data sent by the parish priest Getafe[3]include:

I. Alfonso de Valtierra was of the generation, perhaps brother: a) John, father of Francis and John, Baptism (hereinafter B.) both in the parish of Santa Maria Magdalena de Getafe, on October 21, 1553 and married (hereinafter cc.) the last in 1583 with Isabel Muñoz and b) Hernando, who won 1553 of nobility in real Chancellery of Valladolid, Testo to Juan de Madrid, died on December 4, 1591, was buried in Santa Mary Magdalena de Getafe and was cc. Sancha de Lara or Lari in which begot 1) Hernando, B. in 1553 and married in 1581 with Maria Rodriguez and 2) Louis B. Also in 1553, cc. 1588 Ana Garcia and named executor of his father along with Ana Delgado García Delgado or his wife?

Alfonso de Valtierra and Celsa, your spouse (does not say name), parents were following. II. Juan de Valtierra, B. in the parish Santa Maria Magdalena de Getafe on 26 May 1552. On August 1, 1605 c2c. Maria Beltran, his missus in fourth grade. First link with Francisca Martin fathered the following: III. Sebastián Valtierra, cc. on 07 September 1620 with dispensation of the fourth degree of consanguinity with Maria Marcos, legitimate son of Diego and Mary married on May 15, 1583 (hereinafter hl.) paternal grandson of Pascual Marcos and maternal grandson of Matthew Martines ( Martin ?). IV. Manuel de Valtierra, B. in Getafe to December 15, 1628 and died on 05 December 1667. Married to December 8, 1647 with Manuela Abad, born on December 31, 1628 and died in 1678, hl. Luke Abad and Lucía Hernández Escobar (John and Mary), cc. on July 2, 1628.

V. Manuel de Valtierra, B. on October 8, 1657 and died on February 20, 1729. On November 30, 1682 cc. Paula Gutiérrez Muñoz, born 1660 and died on March 11, 1730. Children: 1. Manuel, born (or B?) On February 5, 1688.

2. Ana, born (or B.?) On October 21, 1692.

3. Gabriela, born (or B.?) On 11 March 1695.

4. Isabel, born on November 18, 1697.

5. Blas follows below.

6. Manuel Francisco, born (or B?) On June 5, 1703.

VI. Blas Valtierra Muñoz, born in Getafe, Spain, on February 1, 1701 and B. parish Santa Mary Magdalena de Getafe on 12 by Dr. Miguel Montoya priest, being godmother Mary Muñoz (book (hereinafter lib.) 10 , B., 146 f.). Young came to Chile and went into business between Valparaiso and Callao, Peru. Company active man and neighbor considered was ordinary mayor of Santiago in 1746 so he used the title of master of field and permanent alderman[4]of the city. He was considerable fortune which could largely help their in-laws, but would have to disappear later. Indeed, the May 24, 1741 step for business to Lima and built a ship, the "patache" who sailed with them I smooth sailing until, anchored in Callao and loaded freight, he perished in the earthquake and exit sea ??October 28, 1746 by which also lost Don Blas that stored in Lima "flood effects land". However, "I not so always keep having spin" and could form company with Tomas Costa, Knight of the Order of Santiago, and aided by "other subjects who knew thoroughly honesty and industry" Valtierra, go to Guayaquil making another ship, the "pearl" in which he came to Chile. But the partner was a cheat and refused even to "satisfy debts of the company especially Manuel Salamanca lawsuit he got at the consulate Lime[5]Therefore, the test[6]Blas in Santiago on October 8, 1754 declared no longer have assets of fortune and even "have resorted to Christian piety of friends" to support themselves and their family debt. He died soon after and was buried in St. Augustine. He had married in the cathedral[7]of Santiago in 1724 with Mary de Luna-Cárdenas Jofre. Mary, born 1710 (?) And buried in the Cathedral in 1791[8]Testa[9]in 1791 to Alamos. Mary is hl. Pedro Luna Cardenas[10]a native of the city of Santiago, cc. Antonia Cofre Burgos, live in 1776. Pedro is hl. Pedro Luna Cárdenas and Francisca Moreno Poplar. Antonia is hl. Thomas Box Antonia Rodriguez and Burgos Carmona. Children: 1. Pedro Manuel Baltierra Luna, B. in 1729[11]godson of his maternal grandparents. He died[12]in 1757 less than 21 years without succession.

2. Carmen Baltierra Luna, B. no records or not found. No succession and died[13]according to Reyes on 13 December 1745. It seems minor, or under 21 years. Therefore should be born by 1725. Strange I not listed as his B. Blas, his father, baptized 7 all at once, not just for Cayetana that figure.

3. Cayetana Baltierra Luna, B. no records or not found. According to Reyes, it quoted without succession the year 1788[14]but in fact died[15]in 1783 in Santiago. 1737 should have been born 20 years if he would marry in 1757. Single. According to Reyes, the July 25, 1757, Ramón Muñoz Martínez (seems cousin Blas Martinez surname), born in Getafe, hl. Miguel Muñoz and Ana Martinez Pérez, gave in Arica, a city of Santiago, Felix Fernandez able to represent him in his marriage to Cayetana Valtierra. But never such casorio was performed and she dies single.

4. Mary Coleta Baltierra Luna, B[16]in 1734 and died[17]in 1768 with 34 years. She married by proxy on May 20, 1746 at the Cathedral of Santiago, its casorio[18]was validated then in 1749 to Pedro Bazan[19]Tula cc., Antonio Francisco Sánchez de Saravia Bañeras[20]testa in 1777[21]hl. Pedro Francisco and Ana Mary, cs. 8 hl. Saravia Baltierra. Reyes cites an alleged miracle for having saved Mary from an accident falling car that went with his parents, made portrayed in a preserved at the Museum of Carmen de Maipú Chile, an issue that I have not been able to verify box.

5. Jose Calixto Baltierra Luna, B.[22] in 1735 and died[23]in 1784 with 50 years. He studied at the Royal Convictorio of San Francisco Javier[24]by 1751-56. He was a lieutenant of militia cavalry regiment in the Prince. Manager[25]Lonquén family farms and "C" (sic) and legal guardian of his nephews Saravia Baltierra. On November 26, 1783 sells for $ 4,400 stay Las Lomas Don Juan Albano Pereira according Reyes' run through the field the child Bernardo Ohiggins "future father and founder of Independence and Republic of Chile, still named Riquelme. Indeed, the Luna Baltierra had some land in Maipo or Maipú: the stay of "C." (abbreviated, but Calera de Tango) and another in Lonquén. A first hypothesis: any of the above Baltierra bring as his son (hidden, "servant", as said before) Antonio Baltierra and leave these parts. Second hypothesis: Maule Baltierra said Antonio Jose Antonio would be Baltierra, Mulatto, baptized in book 19, and over the years -see block end. The Luna Baltierra stay Lonquén sell José Antonio Valdés. The stay of "C. (Calera ..) "was compelled (1791) to contribute to the Capuchin Monastery from the Luna Baltierra. José Calixto, single, leaves some economic setbacks[26]for the family for being generous.

6. Francisco Jose de Paula Baltierra Luna, B.[27] in 1738 and dies seems in Peru (?). According to Reyes[28]between 1774-1776 he travels to Peru on business. It is set in Tarapaca, then in Arequipa. He married on February 13, 1763 in Pica, Peru,[29] with Agustina Loaysa. He resides and left descendants in Peru.

7. Juana Mary Rosa Baltierra Luna, B.[30] 1739 and died[31]in 1826 of 87 years as there is actually an error of 70 years died. Buried in Cementerio General, single. Although the name of Juana is cited in registration B. Juana is called. He forged a good economic position appears and possessing a strong character because she had several judgments[32]He lived with his sister Magdalena, another maid, who care for demented Mercedes. Single and executor of his mother, Testo notary F. J. Silva, Santiago, on November 22, 1822, leaving his estate to the National Institute.

8. Mary Magdalene Pastoriza Baltierra Luna, B.[33] in 1746 and died[34]in 1793 with 47 years. Single and executor of his mother in 1791, shortly after which he died.

9. Maria Mercedes Baltierra Luna, B.[35] in 1750 and died[36]in 1830 aged 80. Younger brother. He was responsible for the care of her sisters Juan and Magdalena for being insane.[37] Single. Dies insane.

In short, you have to wonder by the men who left descendants of the name in Chile. The best candidate would be Joseph, but born by 1734. This man walked through the Maule region where they had the said stays the Baltierra and her mother. However, it seems that effectively leaves no offspring proven to date. In the Maule, Antonio Baltierra (never cites a second surname, clear signal that is natural son) born between 1732 to 1755 and died between last May 13, 1802 (with alleged 45 years, selling) and 1813 ( having reviewed this year because death books book 4: 1812-1839 came until 1813 and there is no record of Antonio, including 1814: none; book 3 (of Longavi, where there is supposed deaths of Linares): 1791-1803, Antonio was living in Linares seems, according notarial deeds.[38] Leave several hn.[39] There is no record of his B. in Linares.[40] Would be born by 1755 if married for the first time[41]in 1775 in Linares, with Silveria Castro.... the c2c Antonio and Magdalena between 1781 and 1783, when he dies Silveria, should he marry forward to 1794 (when the first son Antonio Baltierra Vásquez born, born on December 12, 1795 in Santa Cruz de Abranquil) but no records. the hypothesis is that the Jose Antonio Santiago[42]Baltierra born 1732 and B. in 1744 is our Antonio Baltierra, of course mestizo, as the years add up. He is the founder of this name in the region of Maule. I maintain that our Antonio is hn. Valtierra Blas Muñoz, the first in Santiago.[43]

End Annexed Baptisms slave records with last names Baltierras of Santiago de Chile

In ancient books Christening Cathedral of Santiago there are some specific books then in literal transcription in which some people surnamed Baltierra or Valtierra are registered. In my view, these slaves should be children of the Spanish citizen Blas Baltierra and black slaves of pure African or mulatto.

1. Baptism. Book 17 caste, 1728-1742. Here there are no records of people named Baltierra. 2. Baptism. Book 18 castes ( "blacks, mulattos, mestizos, brown, cuarterones" sic), 1742-1743. Baptism 5 v. F.:

In May 9 (?) 1753, I baptized (not say old) Leandro, black slave of Don Blas Baltierra, natural son of Francisca, the other slave and father unknown. Godparents: Jose Antonio Mendoza and Francisca Guzmán. Witnesses: Mark Salazar and Ignacia Sumaeta (?). 3. Baptism. Book 19 caste, 1744-1753.

Baptism,57f.: In (day?) .... (Month?) 1746, christened (does not say old) Josef Antonio Valtierra, black 1 day, Blas de Baltierra slave, son of Paula, the other slave and father unknown. Godparents: Antonio de la Rosa and Josefa Madariaga (?).

 Baptism,147 f.:(Here not the mother is registered)

On December 12, 1744 (born 1732), I baptized Jose Antonio Baltierra, 12 to 13 years, of unfaithful parents and slaves of Blas Baltierra. Godparents: Po. (?) Benitez. Witnesses: Juan Manuel Contreras and Josef Viatesta.

Baptism,118f.:On November 1, 1749, I baptized (not say old) Jose Santos Baltierra, 1 day, mulatto slave Blas Baltierra, natural son of Mary (page 119 cut: do not read well) Rosa.Godparents:(?...) In Valparaiso, near Santiago city, there are records many years after a Santos Valtierra. Port. civil registration, Valparaiso. Def. 1887 or 189 D, 87, and Santiago one Valtierra Santos Muñoz of Portales. civil, Def registration. 1914 above 203. These men can descend by the name of José Santos.

Baptism, 143 f. :

On 31 August 1744 (born 1730), Nicholas baptized Baltierra, son of infidels and slave, black, (... mother ..?.) And Blas Baltierra, 14. Sponsor: Peter ... .. Witnesses: Josef Viatesta. 4. Baptism. Book 20, 1745-1760. Baptism and Marriage: 1745-1760. It does not say castes. Here there are no records of people named Baltierra.


SHIELD VALTIERRA: Source J. Rafael Reyes Reyes (public just do not know if there are errors)

Dedicated to Don J. Rafael Reyes Reyes, and my dear daughter Consuelo.





Cristhian Alberto Álvarez Araya

Magíster en Educación, 1997, Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación;B. en Filosofía, 1980, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile;egresado de Magíster en Ciencias Sociales mención Sociología de la Modernización, 1999, Universidad de Chile

According to Reyes[44]-more enriched my research at present, and it must necessarily be supplemented with the article published in the Genealogy of the Family Baltierra Linares de Chile- its solar primitive Castrum Valterrae the eighth century, and is from Navarre. The town of Valtierra[45]is in the judicial party of Tudela, along the Ebro river, the Moors conquered population by the King of Aragon the Battler in 1110.[46]

[1] The Barony of Torres-Torres is a Spanish peerage created on August 18, 1466 by King John II of Aragon in favor of Juan de Valterra noble of the Kingdom of Valencia, Mr. Torres Torres. The title was rehabilitated in 1916 by King Alfonso XIII, in favor of Enrique Carlos de Castellvi and Medina Ortega, VIII Marquess of Laconi, XVI Count of Villanueva. Its name refers to the municipality of Torres Torres in the province of Valencia, (Spain). Wikipedia. 2016.

[2] Wikipedia. 2016.

[3] Unfortunately on several occasions not cite sources or books.

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[7] Cathedral (hereinafter Cat.), Mat. (Hereinafter Mat.), Lib. 2, 154 f. Baltierra Blas Mu?oz cc. Mary Luna Jofre. ES, vol. 590, 1723-1724. Dowry. Mary Luna Jofre cc. Blas de Baltierra and Mu?oz, 311 (?) F.

[8] Cat., Death (hereinafter Def.), Book (hereinafter lib.). 2: 1756-1792, 271 v. In 09 (?) February 1791, greater burial, is buried in the convent of St. Augustine, Mary Luna, widow of Baltierra (Saravia says, but it is wrong). (Dies 57). Testa notary Alamos. Get sacraments.

[9] ES, vol. 913, 1791, 72 f. Testament of Mary de Luna cc. Blas de Baltierra, cs, notary Alamos; ES, vol. 913, 1791, 39 f. Inventory. Mary Luna, assets;CG, vol. 72. Claudio Mena, who represents Santiago Lopez, against Mar?a Luna. Rights on the island of Maipu, November 1776, 30 f.

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[11] Cat., B., lib. 16, 73 v. On April 22, 1729, Pedro Manuel Baltierra, 5 months and 15 days old, hl. Baltierra Blas and Mary Luna, Godparents: Pedro Luna and Antonia Cofre (his grandparents). Witnesses: Vicente Astudillo, Manuel Mujica (?) (?).

[12] Cat., Def., Lib. 2, 1757, 10 f. On September 15, 1757 (illegible: it should be 1750 to be less than 21 years), with layer, is buried in the convent of San Agustin, Manuel Baltierra, single, not being p?rvulo testa (under 21 years). Get sacraments.

[13] cited in RA, vol. 2242.

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[15] Cat., Def., lib. 2, 1783, 186 f. On July 26, 1783, is buried in the convent of San Agustin, Cayetana Baltierra, unmarried, died suddenly (heart insurance) does not receive sacraments.

[16] Cat. B., lib. 16, 154 fs. On March 9, 1734, Mary Coleta Baltierra, 4 days, hl. Captain Blas Baltierra and Mary Luna, residents of this city. Godparents: Captain Pedro Luna and Antonia Cofre (his grandparents). In figure by Maria Estela, which is a mistake.

[17] Talca, Def., Lib. 2, 55 or 56 v. Villa de Talca, on 26 September 1768 (dies aged 34), greater burial, Do?a Mary Coleta Baltierra, Spanish, wife of Don Antonio Saravia. Witness: her own husband, she had made no will. One side is quoted King.

[18] Cat., Mat., lib. 6, 160 y 162 f. Mary Baltierra cc. Antonio Saravia y Mary Baltierra Luna C?rdenas cc. Antonio Francisco Saravia Ba?era.

[19] Don Pedro de Tula Bazan was born in 1702 in C?rdoba de Tucuman, not in Concepci?n, as Eyzaguirre says, (History of Chile, II, 329). Having studied there philosophy and theology, he was named canon of Santiago on February 9, 1730, amounting to maestrecol?a in 1747 and the deanery in 1774. He was rector of the University of San Felipe by election held on October 20, 175. He died in late 1775, History of the tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition in Chile. Jos? Toribio Medina, in Foundation Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library. 2016.

[20] ES, vol. 900, 1783, 319 v. Sale. Antonio Saravia, his heirs, lands in Maule John Albano Pereira. Antonio Saravia lived with Mary Baltierra in Talca, ie, the nearest place to Linares.

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[23] Cat. Def., Lib. 2, 201 v. 10 (?) Of September 1784, with layer, is buried in the convent of San Agustin, Jos? Baltierra, 30-odd years (error, unless you have misread, if born in 1735, died 50 years no 30). He empowered to test. Get sacraments, single.

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[30] Cat. B., lib. 16, 227 v. On February 12, 1740, Mary Rosa Baltierra, 5 months and 5 days, hl. Captain Blas Baltierra and Mary Luna. Godparents: Alejandro Salamanca and Mary Andrea Messias (this hl. of the counts of Sierrabella, in

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[34] Cat., Def., lib. 3, 1793, 67 v. Magdalena Baltierra. Single.

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[36] Cat., Def., lib. 3A, 1820-1838, 279 f. In 1830, Maria Mercedes Valtierra (sic) Luna. Single, 75 years. Santiago General Cemetery: 1830, lib. 2, 131 f. Mercedes Baltierra, single (not age out) (now 2016, they say seems there is the book).

[37] ES, vol. 911.

[38] 1. Antonio V?squez Baltierra and Magdalena grant writing for Pascual Lamilla in confessing receive a loan of $ 100 pesos on 25 June 1800. Notarial Archive Linares (hereinafter ANL), vol. 4, 183 v,;2. Antonio Pascual insists Baltierra Lamilla on 18 December 1801. ANL, vol. 10, No. 58, 106 f.;3. Antonio resident of the village Baltierra Manuel Berra sells a house and others "to support their minor children who were in utter poverty 2 as the remains as guardian and conservator, because her mother is deceased, children: 1. Juan. 2. Ascencio. 3. Antonio. 4. Manuela. 5. Valtierra Francisco V?squez. No signature, all on May 13, 1802. ANL, vol. 10, No. 72, 128, 129 and row.

[39] 1. Baltierra Mariana Mu?oz, hn. Manuela Mu?oz. Mariana leaves a son in Huerta del Maule: 1. Jos? de la Cruz Valtierra. married. Mar?a Cristina Gonz?lez past 1840. Leaves a long descent in Huerta del Maule;2. Mary Baltierra. Born 1773 (?) And dies last 1793 married. April 8, 1793, Linares. Antonio Castillo Revolledo; 3. Sim?n Baltierra, cs.;4. Bartola Baltierra (my great great grandmother, who must have been born by 1780 (?) And dies past 1821, his only natural daughter is Maria del Rosario, who was born on December 19, 1814 but B. in 1821, 7 years, church, Linares. Def. May 3, 1876, 60, Linares, married. 1830-1843 (?), church (?) Linares (?), Juan Jofre Guti?rrez, who leave Bibiano Cofre Baltierra, married. 1868 church Linares, Mary Zurita Contreras, who leave Nicolaza Cofre Zurita married. 1904, church, Linares, Tel?sforo Araya Morales, who leave Tel?sforo Ernesto Araya Cofre married. 1930, civil registry, Linares, Mary Alba S?nchez Acevedo, who they leave Lucy Mercedes Sanchez Araya cc. 1957, civil registration and church, Linares, Luis Alfredo Alvarez Jeraldo, my parents who leave me, more to Mary Elena and Luis Octavio, siblings), cs. Mary del Rosario married. Jofre, cs;. 5. Ana Basilia Baltierra.

[40] B., Sagrario of Linares. Letter B index has since 1742; no years in a row, because books were lost or had children or not to baptize, but not leave any Baltierra Valtierra;. B, Sagrario of Linares. Rollo 1301. 12. Started in 1742. In 1794, leaves the first Baltierra (V?squez) (Antonio), 63 f, 1795:Mary Valtierra, 95 f, Francisco Valtierra, 103 f, 1813. Mary Rosa Valtierra, 211 f, 1821. Mary Rosa Valtierra, 39 f, Rosario Valtierra, 39 f.. (Repeat), Bentura Valtierra, 41 f, 1823. Juan Antonio Valtierra, 62 f.

[41] Sagrario of Linares. lib. 1: 1766-1788, 60 v, the side, out Antonio Baltierra married. Silveria Castro. In Loncomilla, August 1775, Antonio Baltierra 31 (does not say anything or parents, confirms hypothesis that is hn.) married. Silveria Castro, a native of the doctrine, hl. Antonio (but Alonso) Castro and Francisca Martinez. Witnesses Pedro Martinez Casanova and Dolphin.

[42] Cat., Lib. 19 caste, B., 147 f .: On December 12, 1744 (born 1732), baptized Jose Antonio Baltierra, 12 to 13 years, of unfaithful parents and slaves of Blas Baltierra. Godparents: Po. (?) Benitez. Witnesses: Juan Manuel Contreras and Josef Viatesta.

[43] Among the B (V) altierra between 1800-1900 in Santiago or very close there: -Joseph Maria Baltierrra. Born 1800 (?) or San Fernando Santiago (?) And dies (?).married. 1820 (?) Antonia Iturriaga, cs. -?u?oa, Mat. (Marriage), lib. 3, 21 f. On August 25, 1823, Juan Valtierra (Rosa), born from 1800 (?), Widower (?) Zu?iga, born in Rancagua, and living in this seven months, hl. Mark (?) Valtierra and Josefa Rosa (Arriagada, missing this name), cc. Simbr?n Josefa, widow of Lucas (?) Beas (?) Armijo, a native of Maip?, hl. Simbr?n Ignacio and Antonia Espinoza. - Our Lady Del Carmen, ?u?oa, Mat, lib.. 4 186 f., Inform. Double, Lorenzo Baltierra. Born 1835 (?) In Olivar. Mother: Agustina Baltierra. DC. 5 October 1855. ?u?oa. Genara Morales. ?- Vicente Baltierra. Born in 1854 in San L?zaro. Die 1892. Last book read starting death of Portales, 1892, 158, daughter Mary Magdalena Baltierra says Vicente Perez lived in home in Bulnes No. 100, Baker, with 38 years to 1892 cc. 1874 (?) Juana Perez.

[44] I appreciate the kindness of these data back in the late 80s and notorious researcher R. Reyes J.Rafael

[45] Valtierra is a town and Spanish municipality of Navarra, located in the merindad of Tudela, in the Ribera de Navarra among the desert landscapes of the Bardenas and Ebro river valley and 76 km. of the capital of the community, Pamplona. Its population in 2014 was 2467 inhabitants (INE). Valtierra has historically been a villa fully dedicated to agriculture and for centuries around them has evolved life in the municipality. Wikipedia. 2016.

[46] Carlos Zavala Oyague, note the back of the coat of arms of the king of arms certificate Josef Alfonso Guerra, Editorial Espasa Encyclopedia, 1908-1030.


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