100 Oraciones De Adjetivos En Ingles

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1- That joke was more fun than the last one.
2- That chair is more comfortable than an armchair.
3- My computer is more modern than his.
4- The milkshake is more delicious than the juice.
5- The book is more colorful than the notebook
6- The sweater is more old-fashioned than the jacket.
7- Documental are more interesting than cartoons.
8- The cinema is more expensive than the TV.
9- The butterfly is more beautiful than the fly.
10- A dress is more fashionable than a skirt.
11- I am older than my brother.
12- I am taller than my mom.
13- My computer is bigger than my cellphone.
14- January is longer than February.
15- Kelly Clarkson sings better than Avril Lavigne.
16- Coffee is darker than tea.
17- Rihanna is
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47- A dress is more sophisticated than jeans.
48- Tennis shoes are more useful than high heels.
49- A Butterfly is more unusual than a fly.
50- A doctor is more successful than a nurse.
51- Antonia is slimmer than Petra.
52- A man is stronger than a woman.
53- I am shyer than my friends.
54- I am more interested in school than my cousin.
55- Girls are more superficial than boys.
56- Girls are more romantic than boys.
57- My mom is more nervous than me.
58- My little brother is more outgoing than me.
59- Kids are more innocent than adults.
60- Gils are more glamorous than boys.
61- The empire state building is higher than a hotel.
62- My music is louder than yesterday.
63- The leather is softer than a fabric.
64- I am happier than my mom.
65- The lap top computer is newer than the computer.
66- Doing exercise is harder than watching tv.
67- I am busier than ever.
68- My hand bag is worse than hers.
69- The life is easier when you are a child.
70- My bedroom is wider than my brother´s.
71- My mom is more active than my aunt.
72- The English class is more dynamic than the others.
73- The president is more important than a principal.
74- Spiders are more repulsive than snakes.
75- Girls are more delicate than boys.
76- Drugs are more addicted than candies.
77- Bubble gum is more elastic than plastic.
78- A prince is more educated than a normal guy.
79- My new work is more detailed than the last one.
80- Dogs are more common than

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