A Melody Of Truth

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A melody of truth:


This book tells the story about a girl called Diana when she finished the high school studies and she need to decide what carrier is she going to do. His parents want for her to study medicine bacause is a good job and she is going to have a good life because she is going to earn many money.

Although she wanted to study music because it was a thing that she always loves, she went to the medicine university like his parents tell her.

When she began the university, Diana went to live with her brother Mark and Roger, another medical student.

When she were eight months studying medicine his friend Roger tells Diana to go to the hospital where he works to play the piano for some sick children

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His parents understand her and they tell her that if she really loves music she could do a carrier about music.

Main characters:

Mark:he is the brother of Diana.He also Studies medicine because his parents tells him to do it but now he likes medicine.

Roger:he is a friend of Diana. He works in a hospital at the same time that he study medicine. He helps Diana to choose the correct way in his life.

Diana:she is a girl that need to decide what is she going to study in the university.

Parents of Diana:they want their daughter to go to the Medical university because they don´t know that Diana didn´t like it.


This story happend in the Hospital, a big and full of people building
In the medicine university, in Diana´s, Roger´s and Mark´s house and in the parents of Diana´s house.


The think that I like the most was the end because fináis she choose the think that she liked the most.

I enjoy a lot the book because I was intrigued about what carrier Diana was gong to choose, if she was gong to continuing studying medicine or she will be a musirían.

I would recomend this book to all the people that like romantic stories.


Templed: (noun)
Meaning: a building in which people worship Ushuaia as part of a non-Christian.
Example: She were to the templed to see the structure of it.

Finding: (verb)
Meaning: past tense, past participle found.To come upon or meet with accidentáis or after…

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