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1. Write two examples of ways that Frank Abagnale, Jr. successfully obtained identity information to commit identity theft.

The first form was tricking a reporter posing as pilot to obtain information about permits and licenses of pilots possessing registration number, the second way was to seduce girls seemed nice and you can get information from them .

2. Write two factors in Frank’s home life that may have led him to his early life in crime.

When their parents take away all his money and property and they begin divorce proceedings their parents.

3. Why did the airlines have such a difficult time catching and
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Give two examples and explain why.

His age was a teenager

1 when he asked to drink milk on its first flight.

2 when he change him name of a character in a comic.

10. How many Federal Reserve branches are there? How did Frank use this to his advantage?

Has United States Federal Reserve, of France and Spain.

Frank took advantage of this to get lost among so many people with the help of hostesses and a boy.

11. Why do you believe Carl took such a personal interest in catching Frank?

Maybe because Carls felt that Frank mocked of him and him work.

Maybe because Carls felt with frank a commitment because frank was a teenager.


Write a personal response to each of the following questions. You need to write in full sentences and communicate your ideas clearly.

1) Research the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr.

a. List three pieces of information that were not in the movie.

1. When his father gave him his first used car, also convinced him to lend him his credit card to purchase parts. With pieces that he bought later sold at a lower price to the owner of a workshop to raise cash, but his father found.

2. In just five years he worked with eight different identities.

3. Now directed Abagnale and Associates, a financial company frauds Query.

b. What consequences did Abagnale serve for his fraudulent life-style? Be

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