Ablation and optical third-order nonlinearities in ag nanoparticles

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Ablation and optical third-order nonlinearities in Ag nanoparticles
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carlos Torres-Torres 1 Néstor Peréa-López 2 Jorge Alejandro reyes-esqueda 3 Luis rodríguez-Fernández 3 Alejandro crespo-sosa 3 Juan carlos cheang-Wong 3 Alicia Oliver 3 section of graduate studies and research, school of Mechanical and electrical engineering, National Polytechnic Institute, Zacatenco, Distrito Federal, Mexico; 2Laboratory for Nanoscience
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Torres-Torres et al


and 2-photon luminescence imaging;19 besides, metallic NPs are capable of transforming the optical irradiation into heat on an ultrashort time scale, thereby inducing photothermal ablation.20,21 Nonetheless, sharp selective laser ablation for surgery and targeting has not been obtained, and therefore other alternatives which involve different media and mechanisms of optical absorption need to be developed. In this direction, several efforts have been conducted to study the energy absorption mechanisms in metallic NPs,22,23 but an in depth description of the mechanism of nonlinear optical absorption in metallic NPs is still under investigation.24 Similarly, enhancement of the nonlinear response of an optical media with metallic NPs can be obtained by the stimulation of different mechanisms of absorptive nonlinearities.25,26 However, gigantic advances related to the enhancement of optical nonlinearities can also result from the modification of their distribution and density.27 It appears that the third-order susceptibility of

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