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Classifying Friends

Friends, good friends-and such good friends, Judith Viorst writes about eight

specific classifications when it comes to friendship. She believes that women are friends

when they totally love and support and trust each other and bare each others secrets of

their souls. And also are friends when they share the same affection and hate with equal

ardor. In others words she said that a friend is a friend all the way, but now she believes

that’s a narrow point of view. Now she believes that relationships are conducted at many

levels of intensity and have classified in eight types. The first one is, Convenience

friends, which are the persons who can help us, the person who make us favors. We are
…ver más…


I read this article I found it true and not only that, but I also found one friend for each

classification. For example, talking about convenience friends I remembered one of my

friends, Karla. She was my neighbor, I always saw her as a convenient friend because she

always did me favors, but I never saw her as a good friend. I never did talk to her about

my personal life. “Convenience friends are convenient indeed” (Viorts, 459) and that is

it, we maintain a public face and emotional distance. Another example is historical

friends. The person who fits in this category is Fabby. I have known her since I was in

high school. She knows everything about my teenage years, my first love, my first

everything, my angers and happiness. We share the best years of our lives. Now years

passed and we are not too close like before but we still try to stay in touch. What made

her fit in this category is the author’s definition of friend; “is having a sister without

sibling rivalry”.(Viorst,460) In our friendship we never had any type of rivalry. Another

example is part of a couple friends. I felt like a couple to my friend Moy. We were all the

time together, everyone who knew us would always see us together. I enjoyed expending

in time with him and I love the way he was. We share similar interests in many things


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