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Joe Wright, the 2005 filmmaker of Pride and Prejudice, has also directed Atonement. Can you find any continuity between the two films?


Pride and prejudice and Atonement are two film adaptations of Joe Wright. Between these two works we can perceive some correlations that leads us to understand that a continuity exists. There are some story elements that will connect the two films and there are some technical film aspects that will create Wright’s own style. The singularity of the filmmaker style we can perceive a continuity over his works.

Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen and Atonement by McEwan are
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“Joined by love. Separated by fear. Redeemed by hope.” is a tagline of Atonement that could also be applied to Pride and Prejudice. These connections let us think about a certain continuity between both stories.
Nevertheless, apart from a continuity between story elements, we can also percieve a continuity in technical film aspects.
In Joe Wright’s adaptation of Pride and prejudice the photography director is Roman Osin, while in Atonement is Seamus McGravey. McGravery’s work remains in the same style than Roman Osin’s photography. In order to keep Wrigth’s style, he uses the same colour and intensity of light. Those elements are clue to understand that the continuity between Pride and prejudice and Atonement goes over than storie elements. The camera work, light and, thus, coulour are relevant aspects to see a continuity between these films. Osin’s and McGarvey work are essentially based on contrast: familiy and love moment will be performed on a soft atmosphere, with soft colours and spaces very illuminated. While trouble moments, will be recognized by a dark situation: in Pride and prejudice, rain, storm and a dark sky will deal with trouble scenes, such as in Netherfield or in Mr Darcy’s first proposal. In Atonement, the first part of the film is full of light and pastel colours, dealing with softness and emotion, meanwhile the second part of the film (the war, Robbie and Cecilia’s - imagined - life scene’s have a dark atmosphere.

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