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Almost death
Last summer I went to the beach with my family, every summer we go to the beach because my uncles, aunts and cousins come for vacation.
But that summer was quite different, it started like any morning; we arrived to the beach and went to the water! My cousins, my sister and I were playing with the water, swimming near the shore and having fun. Minutes before the lunch everybody went to the tent to eat but I wanted to stay in the water for a while.
I have been in a swimming course so I know how to swim but I’m not an expert. Anyway, I really like waves, I think the only good things of the beach are waves; so I walked and walked inside the waters waiting for the waves. I didn’t realize my sister came behind me. When I
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When I felt the sand I was crying and coughing. But I was alive, I tried to find my sister’s hand again, and she was there, crying and coughing like me, but she was alive. And that was all I wanted to know.
Many people were around us, burbling. Somebody gave us some water, my aunt was crying, my grandmother was thanking to God, my cousins asked us how we were, my mom called my dad, ‘maybe we have to carry them to the hospital’ she thought. But everything was Ok. We were alive.
Thirty minutes later, my dad arrived with his car; my sister and I could stand and eat a little because we hadn’t had lunch yet. About 3pm we prepared everything to come back to my house, my sister even took some photos to the family, I just wanted to sleep. I was very tired.
I’ll never forget how the sea wanted to carry us to the bottom of the ocean and I am thankful with God for let us live a little

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