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Proc. of the 11th Int. Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-08), Espoo, Finland, September 1-4, 2008

INFERRING THE HAND CONFIGURATION FROM HAND CLAPPING SOUNDS Antti Jylhä and Cumhur Erkut Dept. of Signal Processing and Acoustics, Helsinki University of Technology, TKK Espoo, Finland,
ABSTRACT In this paper, a technique for inferring the configuration of a clapper’s hands from a hand clapping sound is described. The method was developed based on analysis of synthetic and recorded hand clap sounds, labeled with the corresponding hand configurations. A naïve Bayes classifier was constructed to automatically classify the data using two different feature sets. The results indicate that the approach
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1, the hands are kept parallel and flat, whereas in A (angle) modes in the second row of Fig. 1 they form a right angle with a natural curvature. The following numerical index indicates the position of the right hand relative to the left hand: from palm-to-palm (1) to fingers-to-palm (3), (2) corresponding to about the midpoint. Finally, in the third row, the curvature of hands vary in A1 mode to result a flat (A1-) or a very cupped (A1+) configuration, compared to A1.


Proc. of the 11th Int. Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-08), Espoo, Finland, September 1-4, 2008 Both Repp [2] and Peltola et al. [3] have noticed that in a hand clap sound there is a pronounced resonance, whose center frequency, Q-value, and magnitude depend on the hand configuration, namely, on the air cavity between the hands. For example, a smaller air cavity will cause the pronounced resonance to occur on a higher frequency than a bigger air cavity. Based on these ideas, a hand clap synthesis system has been implemented and will be described shortly in the following section. 2.1. Hand clap synthesis: Overview of ClaPD ClaPD is a stochastic model in realm of [7, 8] and it is implemented as a PureData [9] library1 . ClaPD contains low-level synthesis and higher-level control blocks, and primitive agents for event generation, which are fine-tuned by hand-clapping statistics. It can produce expressive, human-like synthetic applause of a single clapper with adjustable hand

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