Antecedentes historicos del humanismo

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You own my all

Hmmm… Yeah eh
It feels like I’m falling in love
Am I crazy?
Sounds unreal, but I can’t get enough from you baby
My situation’s ‘bout to wave with your smile
Pick up the phone and drop a line every once in a while
It feels like I’m head over heels
Am I crazy?
And I spend every dollar I make on my lady
And all my friends remind me all of the time
That love is blind, I know, but she’s my one of a kind.

Oh oh oh
It’s like the happy ending twisting my story
Anything goes wrong I don’t have to worry
Cuz I know you’ll be right beside me

It feels so lovely
I love it when you say that you love me
And every time I’m feeling
Down, down, down
You’re the only one around
To pick me up when I

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