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Chronology of haiti

Port-au-Prince, 19 ene (EFE) .-Haiti, the poorest country of America, expires today his first week plunged in a deep humanitarian crisis immediately after the devastating earthquake of last January 12, which caused dozens of thousands of dead men and three millions of harmed
These are the most relevant facts since the earthquake was registered:

On January 12:

- A telluric movement of 7 degrees in the Richter scale shakes Haiti and his epicentre is located to only 15 kilometres of the capital, Port-au-Prince.
- Between the ruined buildings they find the offices of the UNO, the National Palace, the Cathedral, the Parliament and several hospitals and schools.
On January 13:

- A score of countries
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- The European Union approves a help of 430 million Euros (618 million dollars) in humanitarian urgent aid and for the medium-term reconstruction.

- Ban asks the Security Council of the UNO to extend temporarily his mission in Haiti with other 3.500" blue hulls ".
- In a summit celebrated in Santo Domingo, at which he was present the Haitian president, René Préval, remembered to celebrate in the Dominican Republic an international conference in April to elaborate the Strategic Plan for the Reconstruction of Haiti.

On January 19:

- The humanitarian help flows better one week after the earthquake. The rescue teams proceeding from the whole world add 52, with 1.820 workers and 175 specialized dogs, and 90 the persons found alive under the rubbles.

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