Apollos Gold

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Apollo’s Gold, by Antoinette Moses


1. Put the events in the right order.
a. Stavros was looking at an old Greek pot.
b. Stavros agreed with the doctor.
c. Liz’s doctor told her to take a holiday.
d. Liz went to see her boss, Stavros.
e. Stavros told her to go to his home on the island of Sifnos.
f. Liz didn’t want to take time off work.
g. Liz went to see her doctor.
h. Liz thought she could stay at home for a few days.


1. Match the beginnings and endings.
1. On the boat to Sifnos a. Liz sat in the sun on the deck.
2. In her guidebook b. when a man on the yacht called, ‘Hello, beautiful!’.
3. In the past c. the people on the island gave gold to the sun god, Apollo.
4. Liz hated it
…ver más…

g, c, d, a, f, b, h, e


1. 1 a, 2 e, 3 c, 4 b, 5 d


a. Poulati
b. The sea
c. The old paths
d. Liz’s books
e. The old pot that Yiannis found
f. Gold
g. Aghios Sostis


1. a T, b T, c F, d F, e T, f F


1. 1 e, 2 c, 3 a, 4 b, 5 d


1. e, a, g, d, f, c, b


1. Takis told Liz that he worked for an international police force. He also said the men on the boat were terrorists who were selling guns. When Liz jumped into the sea, Mike came back on deck and shot at her. Then Mike hit Takis. Mr John came on deck and asked what was happening. Mike told him that Liz knew about the guns. Mr John had a lot of questions to ask Takis before he killed him.


1. A torch, a magnifying glass, a Swiss army knife.


1. Mike put Liz and Takis in the cave. Takis looked terrible and couldn’t speak. Takis took the Swiss army knife and cut Liz and himself free. Takis told Liz to leave but she stayed with him. Takis needed a doctor but Liz couldn’t do anything. They talked and Takis told Liz he was once married and didn’t have children. After an hour or two, they heard the yacht again, and Mike came into the cave. He said, ‘Mr John doesn’t need to talk to you.’ 2. Yes: a, b, d, f, g, h
No: c, e, i


1. a Takis b Liz c Mr John d Stavros e Liz

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