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Interlanguage: a brief analysis on it

Name and surname(s): Cèsar Rujano and Juan Pereira de Souza Login: PAFPMTFL522725 and UYFPMTFL705666 Group: # 25 Date: 06/02/11


Introduction 3
Case 1 3
1- Work out an IL generalization that might account for the forms in boldface. Give your reasons for postulating this generalization. 3
2- What strategy/strategies do you think these learners have come up with regarding lexical use? 4
3- What additional information, if any, would you like to have from these learners to test your hypothesis? 5
Case 2 6
1. What feature of English grammar is being tested in each of the
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In addition, English is a language with a very complicated verb system. Important information in English is performed by auxiliaries and by verb inflections. For example, the verb ‘to be’ in English can be used to convey a progressive aspect such as I am brushing my teeth or with the passive voice. In addition, the verb have can convey a perfect aspect, such as in the sentence I have become a man. So we conclude that second language learners’ backgrounds have a strong tendency toward making mistakes or even develop fossilization in the target language. Speakers of different mother tongues do, in fact, make different mistakes, and if these mistakes do appear to be related to structures in the mother tongue, then it would seem reasonable to speak of interference errors.

2- What strategy/strategies do you think these learners have come up with regarding lexical use?

Lexical use seems to represent one of the major problems second language learners face in learning English. One of the factors attributable to the learners' lexical problems may be in large part due to the use of the L1 as a medium of instruction in teaching English, the environment surrounding these students or their cultures. These students show that most of the lexical deviations are traceable to both problems with the

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