Aristoteles en la psicologia

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Bachelor of Architecture

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IIT's architecture program is structured to develop professional architects who are well prepared in specialties of their choice. Architecture, "the liberal arts of the 21st century," effectively blends technology and the humanities and equips you to adapt to change. IIT maximizes the benefits of an architecture education with a uniquely concentrated yet flexible curriculum:
NAAB Accredited
IIT offers one of the few accredited five-year Bachelor of Architecture programs in the Midwest. Our carefully sequenced curriculum meets all the licensing standards for the practice of architecture, but saves you the additional cost and time required for the usual six-year (four-plus-two) programs.
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While most universities spread out this material over five or six years, IIT concentrates this core knowledge up front.
The Last Two Years
The benefit of our progressive approach is that during your last two years, you'll be able to "learn the way you'll work" in an environment that parallels professional practice.
You'll enter the architectural studio of your choice to pursue independent, comprehensive, applied-design projects in collaboration with senior faculty and practicing architects.
As your career directions become better defined, you'll also be free to explore a wide range of architectural electives so you can pursue a minor or a professional specialization or simply delve into topics that interest you.
Your forward-loaded education prepares you to achieve a portfolio of more advanced projects during the fourth and fifth years that will demonstrate your professional competence and strengthen your employment opportunities.
Architecture Electives
Elective courses will provide some of the most valuable and memorable learning experiences. Taken during the fourth and fifth year of studies, seven architecture electives allow students to diversify or concentrate their areas of knowledge.
Students may select courses in digital imaging, history and theory, landscape architecture, advanced drawing, architectural photography, visual training, design/build, and specialized independent

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