Assessment 3.3

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3.3 Assessment
a. Review. Energy is said to flow in a ‘‘one-way stream’’ through an ecosystem. In your own words, describe what that means.
That the energy only goes in one way, it would never return because the energy is not renewable.
b. Form a Hypothesis. Explain what you think might happen to a Everglades ecosystem shown in figure 3-9 if there were a sudden decrease in the number of crayfish?
The food chain will lose it balance because the species will start disappearing. The predators wouldn’t have anything to eat so they will die. And after they die maybe some prays that survived they will overpopulate the world so the food chain would not be balance.
a. Review. On average, what proportion of the energy in an ecosystem
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Evaporation and transpiration.
b. Sequence. Describe one way in which water from the ocean may make one complete cycle through the atmosphere and back to the ocean. Include the name of each process included in your cycle.
First the water of the ocean get evaporated and go to the clouds where the water get a process called condensation and after that the clouds expel the water to the ground and that is called precipitation, the water of the precipitation

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