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José Manuel Bermejo Ruiz
Madrid - Spain

This paper describes a proposal for Madrid City Council presented for the Smart Cities Contest. The system uses a platform for the real-time evaluation of urban dynamics based on the anonymous monitoring of mobile phones. In addition, data are generated based on the instantaneous positioning of buses and taxis to provide information about urban mobility in real time, ranging from traffic conditions to the movements of pedestrians throughout the city. This system will allow understanding and optimizing urban dynamics, compile information to enhance public services in metropolitan areas and attend much better visitors and foreigners in tourist areas.
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An algorithm was used to acquire and update the bus and taxi location in real time (based on a hash table). It also estimated bus and taxi paths based on the previous three locations, drawing a yellow tail on the map. The algorithm acquired the pedestrian location data every 5 min, showing a red layer on the top of the map (areas colored by a deeper red had a higher density of pedestrians). Public transportation authorities can use this type of a dynamic map to understand how the bus connectivity changes in space and time and how that is correlated to a real-time estimation of the demand.
• How to understand traffic flow?
This software visualized the location data of mobile phone traveling in vehicles. It focused on specific area. The software created a layer on the top of the map show different colors were related to vehicle speeds. Red indicate areas where traffic was moving slowly; green show areas where vehicles are moving quickly. If the average speed that is associated with 40 km/h, the software also shows whose direction was the dominant direction of travel and magnitude was proportional to the related speed.
• Which are the more relevant landmarks for foreigners?
This software shows the density of people using mobile phones at different historic attractions. To this end, the served traffic intensity at each site was calculated as the average of the traffic intensities located in correspondence with the site. A bar on

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