Banco De Preguntas De Idioma Extranjero Inglés

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Banco de preguntas de ingles
La prueba de ingles se encuentra organizada en los siguientes grupos de preguntas: • • • • • Construcción de oraciones Construcción de párrafos Interpretación de gráficas Situaciones comunicativas Comprensión de textos.

Banco de Preguntas de Idioma Extranjero Inglés
1-3 Many major cities in the world today have large populations of people who have recently arrived; they have emigrated from other countries. Perhaps you, too, have left a familiar place to come to a new city or a new country. Or you may live in a city where there are large numbers of newcomers. Adapting to a new place forces people to seek out new friends, face new problems, and often learn a new language. 1. The
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C. protest against people who smoke in the U.S. D. show how smokers can quit smoking in the U.S. 10 - 12 We owe our nation's state park system to one of the world's most recognizable landmarks -Niagara Falls. By 1880, a ring of industrial sites and man-made attractions had so completely choked off public access to the falls that the only views from American soil were on private land. News of Niagara's plight spread when a group of artists and politicians spearheaded a campaign to buy back the land, creating a preserve. Finally in 1885, after six years of legislative wrangling, New York Governor David B. Hill dedicated the famous landmark "free to mankind", and our state park system was born. America's parks really took off in the 1930's when the country was booming with public works projects. The Civilian Conservation Corps built camps and trails that gave Americans access to the outdoors. Now, there are more than 5.000 state parks, nearly ninety-five times the number of national parks. That means at least a few per state, or a short drive for most families. 10. The underlined expression choked off can be replaced by A. suspended. B. increased. C. promoted. D. eliminated. 11. The underlined sentence America's parks really took off in the 1930's, when the country was booming with public works projects means that A. America's parks were destroyed in the 1930's because of the increase of public works projects. B. America's parks began to

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