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Death of a Slesman
What effect does chaising the American Dream have on Willy and his family?
In the book entitled “Death of a Salesman”, by Arthur Miller the theme of the American Dream is explored. We can notice how the main characters and his family are constantly trying to chase the American Dream, to work all their lives to gain money and finally achieve their dreams. This is not the situation of Willy Loman, the father of two children that realizes that he had failed, but does not want to accept it, so he continues dreaming for his entire life.
Willy’s entire life is a dream, he is a salesman lost in false hopes and illusions “Yeah. Lotta dreams and plans”. His life is a failure, but he cannot accept it, and he does not want his
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In conclusion we can notice that chasing the American Dream was not as easy as it looked, it was far more complicated. This was what deteriorates Willy’s family, to the pint that the main character tries to commit suicide. We can also say that the American Dream was not worth, since a lot of people failed in achieving this illusion and it got the people in a never-ending

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