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Translated from the French by Stuart Gilbert
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1 Albert Camus THE STRANGER
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2 Albert Camus THE STRANGER
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He lost his uncle a few months ago.
I had to run to catch the bus. I suppose it was my hurrying like that, what with the glare off the road and from the sky, the reek of gasoline, and the jolts, that made me feel so drowsy. Anyhow, I slept most of the way. When I woke I was leaning against a soldier; he grinned and asked me if I’d come from a long way off, and I just nodded, to cut things short. I wasn’t in a mood for talking.
The Home is a little over a mile from the village. I went there on foot. I asked to be allowed to see Mother at once, but the doorkeeper told me I must see the warden first. He wasn’t free, and I had to wait a bit. The doorkeeper chatted with me while I waited; then he led me to the office. The warden was a very small man, with gray hair, and a Legion of Honor rosette in his buttonhole. He gave me a long look with his watery blue eyes. Then we shook hands, and he held mine so long that I began to feel embarrassed. After that he consulted a register on his table, and said:
“Madame Meursault entered the Home three years ago. She had no private means and depended entirely on you.”
4 Albert Camus THE STRANGER
I had a feeling he was blaming me for something, and started to explain. But he cut me short.
“There’s no need to excuse yourself, my boy. I’ve looked up the record and obviously you weren’t in a position to see that she was

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