Bases geneticas de la conducta

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The proposal of Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, to reform the Higher Education Law 30 of 1992 has not been received well. University students, professors and common citizens agree that the majority of the proposed changes — especially those touching on financial matters and university autonomy — don´t help improve neither the quality of education nor the lives of Colombians.
Before the matter is to be settled in the national congress, opponents of the reform proposal have tried to get the government's attention through meetings to analyze the proposal's impacts in university conferences, assemblies and other gatherings to debate the proposal in areas designated by the Education Ministry.
Everyone said that is the time to revise
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This is not to say that they are jobs with little merit, only that none went to college five years for not exercising their profession. In these circumstances pay a credit is complex.
The key point of reform is the ability to create higher education institutions for profit. The spokesmen the reform are cautioned to anticipate any claim saying that there will be more coverage, better teachers, and more research.
Another common claim is that the examples illustrating the creators of the proposal are experiences in nations that have an environment similar to ours. It takes careful study of culture, economics, and support, willingness to study, borrowing capacity and investment in the country and there they propose realistic changes in the models.
In addition to the above mentioned other contentious issues of the reform of 144 articles are the possibility that the private company will invest in public universities. For the president Juan Manuel Santos, if public education wants to be competitive and good quality cannot deny the possibility of private investment sources. "This proposal doesn´t in any way to privatize public education, nor will mean higher costs for students.” (“Reform Law 30”…2011, April 11)
On the other hand, University autonomy is perhaps the issue that most

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