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HAVE THE WORLD AT ONE'S FEET: someone who has the world at their feet is extremely successful and popular.
Only six months after her debut, this young star of the Royal Ballet already has the world at her feet.

BE IN SEVENTH HEAVEN: to be extremely happy.
Since they got married they've been in seventh heaven

BE A FEATHER IN ONE'S CAP: something one can be proud of.
Winning the race was quite a feather in his cap

HAVE ONE'S HEAD IN THE CLOUDS: to daydream, to think about matters other than the present reality.
He sat there with his head in the clouds all day, when he should have been minding the store.

KEEP ON TOP OF THINGS: to be managing very well, to be in control of things.
We are able to keep on top of our
…ver más…

learned to read between the lines of corporate annual reports to discern areas of fiscal weakness.

ON THE EDGE OF ONE'S SEAT: if a story keeps you on the edge of your seat, it is very exciting and you want to know what is going to happen next.
You must rent this video. It keeps you on the edge of your seat right up to the end

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: if a place is off the beaten track, not many people go there.
Unfortunately, because the gallery's a bit off the beaten track, it doesn't get many visitors

FACE THE MUSIC: If you have to face the music, you have to accept the negative consequences of something you have done wrong.
When the missing money was noticed, he chose to disappear rather than face the music.

ON THE HOUSE: if food or drink is on the house in a bar or restaurant, it is provided free by the owner.
We had to wait for a table so they gave us all gin and tonics on the house.

LET ONE'S HAIR DOWN: to relax and enjoy yourself without worrying what other people will think.
It's nice to let your hair down once in a while and go a bit wild.

PAINT THE TOWN RED (informal): to go out and enjoy yourself in the evening, often drinking a lot of alcohol and dancing.
Jack finished his exams today so he's gone out to paint the town red.

ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET: very little money is available in the budget, and that one is getting by with whatever means available.
The theatre will be run on a shoestring budget.


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