Biografia De Alberto Masferrer En Ingles

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(Vicente Alberto Masferrer Monico; Tecapa, 1868 - San Salvador, 1932) Salvadoran writer and intellectual. Controversial personality, was one of the most dynamic cultural and political life of their country and exerted a strong influence on the younger generation

Son of a Salvadoran citizen, Leonor Monico, and a Spanish based in El Salvador, Enrique Masferrer, his father initially refused to recognize him as stem and thereafter agreed to recognize his paternity and Alberto went to live in the house of his father. He attended his first letters in Jucuapa school, and, at ten years of age, he entered college he had founded in San Salvador French pedagogue Charvin Agustine. In 1883 he was sent by his father to Guatemala in retaliation for
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Masferrer also shone as a journalist in Chilean territory, where, under the pseudonym "Lutrin", signed a humorous column that appeared in the newspapers El Chileno, Santiago, and El Mercurio de Valparaíso.

In the last years of his life, Alberto Masferrer was involved in the politics of his country. Earnestly

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