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Biography of Emiliano Zapata.

Emiliano Zapata.
Emiliano Zapata was born in San Miguel Anenecuilco, Morelos on August 8, 1879, was one of the greatest military leaders during the Mexican Revolution, he commanded a large army during the Revolution, the Southern Liberation Army.
Also known as the "Leader of the South”, was the son of Gabriel Zapata and Cleofas Salazar, and was born into a peasant family.
His childhood was accompanied by Jehoshaphat alongside Villa Martinez Diaz of landlordism in Morelos. Began his studies with Professor Emilio Vera, who had been an old soldier Juarez. Soon he worked as a farmer and drover. In 1906 he attended a meeting of farmers in Cuautla, to discuss how to defend against
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Otilio Montaño, a document that would become his standard and the prime example of the ideology of the peasants of Morelos. It called for the redemption of the Indians and the distribution of estates created during the Porfiriato. Was unknown to Francisco I. Madero as president and was recognized as the legitimate leader Pascual Orozco of the Mexican Revolution. The document also posited that, given that they had fulfilled what he had promised the peasants, armed struggle was the only means to obtain justice. In 1912, Emiliano Zapata fought the Federal Army, commanded by Generals Arnold Casso Lopez and Felipe Robles Juvencio Angeles, sought peace in the southern states. The Zapatistas sought to defend and they did it "brutally" as the version of the Federal Army: in the narratives of the Zapatista attacks are common references to assaults, arson and rape, among others. The truth is that these stories were altered to justify the disasters committed by members of the Federal Army. In that year stand Tepalcingo attacks, Yautepec, Cuautla and Cuernavaca, although it must be said that at the time the Zapatista movement was very weak, both politically and military branch, especially when the government's campaign against Madero rebellious southerners was in charge of General Felipe Angeles. For civilized and tolerant methods, his remaining bases to the Zapatistas, as Angels sympathized with them.
After the murder of Francisco I. Madero and the rise

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