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biografia de shakira en ingles

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born on February 2, 1977 in Barranquilla, in southern Colombia. Shakira's father William Mebarak, American-born but of Arab origin, was a jeweler but working with the local newspaper. The view in front of the typewriter Shakira woke up in the desire to do so too, had learned to read at age three and was writing poetry at four. Her father encouraged the paper to transcribe your thoughts and emotions, and so, almost playing, he developed his ability to write songs.
At four years, Shakira first heard the dumbek or derbake, the drum that accompanies belly dancing in Arab food restaurant in Barranquilla. There were two dancers who took her out to dance and taught him some
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Shakira recorded "Oral Fixation Vol 1" in June 2005, ranking fourth on the Billboard 200 in the United States, which made it the highest debut for a Spanish album in the SoundScan era. He ascended to the top of the Billboard Latin Album, and took first place in nine countries. The single "La Tortura," Shakira performs a duet with Alejandro Sanz, reached the top spot on the Hot Latin Tracks Billboard, where he continued twenty-five weeks in a row.
The video clip of Shakira "La Tortura" was the first Spanish programmed into regular rotation on MTV and VH1. The album was successful in both U.S. and South America, and went Platinum the first day of sales in Venezuela and Triple Platinum in Colombia. Three days of its launch had already sold over a million copies, reaching nearly four million currently.
In November 2005, Shakira released the English album, "Oral Fixation Vol 2", which also had records. The single "Hips Do not Lie", where Shakira sings with Wyclef Jean, reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 litsta and became the most played song in pop radio history by popular demand, I wanted hear the sultry voice of Shakira. "Hips Do not Lie" is also the tone phone (ringtone) more popular in the world.
With both versions in English and Spanish, in June 2006, Shakira started the world's largest tour of his career, which covered 140

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