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Alfredo Espino

Born in Abroad in 1900. He died in San Salvador in August 1928. His only book is Jícaras Sad, one of the most published in our country, the author is of the most read and commented but not studied or analyzed in expesión. Espino fully defines the poet inconsequential, that assumes the problem to force national historic colors, flavors and fragrances at a time and unhealthy environment. It has a delicate poetic Seeking ours with a lyrical, which presented in a simple, easy to grasp, therefore, no formal complications; wrote sonnets, and free verse romances. His work is very youthful and therefore lack creative vision can give, he gave his work but critics failed myopic or epidermal study and were implemented by mythicize
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He currently directs the University Bookstore at the University of El Salvador, (1996).
Some of his works are:
· In the light consisted of, (poetry), 1968.
· The Valley of the Hammocks, (narrative), 1968.
· Riding Hood in the Red Zone, novel prize in Cuba Casa de las Americas, 1976.
· Rosary of Peace (novel) 1996.

Pedro Geoffroy Rivas

Born in Santa Ana in 1908.
Study in Mexico was a noted anthropologist and linguist. Her poetry is a milestone in our development poetic. Poet rebellious, individualistic, almost anarchistic reflection of petty bourgeois origin, incorporated into our poetry the freedom to express openly without fear or money prosaísmos "anthropocentric", the latter for him whenever there who pressed the word poet. His work is influenced by Neruda (Chile), but still, there are moments when you press a string Rivas very personal, and his poetry becomes lucid, presence of a poeda excited to know that their message.
Some of his works are:
· Songs in the wind, (poetry).
· Directions, (poetry).
· To sing tomorrow (poetry).
· Only Love (poetry), 1963.
· Yulcuicat, (poetry), 1965.
· Journal of Exile (poetry).
· Jaguar Grandchildren (poetry), 1977.
Published in Anthropology and Linguistics
· Toponymy Nahuat Cuscatlan.
· The Spanish who speak in El Salvador, 1969.
· The Cuscatlan Nawat - Notes for a grammar-Attempted, 1969.

Roberto Armijo was born in the city of Chalatenango

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