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AIDS in Children: A Family Concern Author(s): Charlene A. Urwin Reviewed work(s): Source: Family Relations, Vol. 37, No. 2 (Apr., 1988), pp. 154-159 Published by: National Council on Family Relations Stable URL: . Accessed: 12/11/2011 15:23
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While diagnosis of AIDS in infants has been difficult, premature infants are largely immunodeficient and therefore highly susceptible to AIDS. The longer latency period evident in adults is not found in infants. Indicators are failure to thrive, small size, enlargement of liver and spleen, and respiratory disease. Other indicators include fever, rashes, and diarrhea as well as particular facial features such as a small head with a box-like forehead, flattened nose bridge, expanded lips and wide-set eyes with bluish whites (Klug, 1986). Mortality is high: 81% of children who were diagnosed with AIDS more than 2 years ago have died (Klug, 1986). A few seem to live longer, sometimes with periods of reasonable health and vigor for as long as 8 years (NASW, 1987). In these children, the infection exists long before symptoms occur.

Needs of Children with AIDS
Treatment for a child with AIDS includes identifying needs and providing help for both the child and the family. The child's physical, emotional, and social development requires close attention. The AIDS child can be limited physically, psychologically, and socially in mastering the stages of development. At a time when the child is trying to master the tasks of autonomy, initiative, and industry, the AIDS child is faced with an illness which renders

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