Brown Eyes

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Brown Eyes
‘A man is pretending to be me,’ I said. ‘Why?’
Every year, Peter and Susan Reed go to Lea-onSea for their holiday; every year they stay at the
Hotel Vista.
This year things start to go wrong. A man there is pretending to be Peter. But why? Is he friendly or dangerous — what does he want?
Will this, their thirteenth visit to Lea-on-Sea, be their last visit?
Paul Stewart lives with his family in Brighton, and writes books for children and young people. He has one son - his name is Joseph, and one daughter - her name is Anna.
He was a teacher of English in Greece, Germany and Sri Lanka. He went to Kenya, India, Australia,
Malaysia, America and all over Europe, too - but never to Lea-on-Sea!

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On Monday, the man in the bank . . .

. . . and the woman in the cinema. Yesterday, the girl in the shoe shop.

And this afternoon, the woman in the Italian restaurant.
All of them smiled at me and said, ‘Hello again!’


A man is pretending to be me,’ I said. ‘Why?’
‘I don’t know,’ said Susan. ‘But it’s not important.
We’re . . .’
‘Not important?’ I shouted. ‘I think it is. I . . . I’m going to the police!’
‘No,’ said Susan. ‘They’ll laugh at you. We’ll find the man. Lea-on-Sea isn’t very big. It’ll be easy.’
I looked down. I didn’t want to meet the man!
Susan looked into my eyes. She took my hand. ‘I’m afraid, too,’ she said.


Later that evening, we walked down to the sea. The sun was red and yellow. The water was light blue.
‘Today is an important day,’ said Susan.
‘Important?’ I said.
‘Thirteen years,’ she said. ‘You and me! Did you forget?’ ‘I? . . . Yes, I forgot,’ I said quietly.
‘Do you love me?’ Susan asked.
‘Oh, yes,’ I said, and turned to her.
‘Good,’ she said. ‘I love you, too.’
We kissed. And for the first time on our holiday, I was happy!


Suddenly, Susan moved back.
‘Look!’ she was right. ‘It’s him! At the café!’
She was right. There was a man with a big nose and black hair. He shut the café door and turned right. At the cinema, he turned right again, and walked quickly away. ‘Run!’ said Susan. ‘We don’t want to lose him.’
We arrived at the cinema and looked down the road. ‘Where

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