Cancun lugar turistico traducido en ingles

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Cancun is a resort city belongs to Mexico, the state of Quintana Roo southeast of the country. Politically it is the head of the administrative area of Benito Juarez.
The waters surrounding the Caribbean Sea.
This city is recognized internationally as a tourist destination that already has over twenty five years of uncontested growth.
Located in northern Quintana Roo, a state that is located southeast of Mexico, Cancun is the axis of liaison with archaeological sites in the region, the state itself and the neighboring state of Yucatan.
It is divided into two areas: one in the mainland, where the city itself, and another on an island 22 km long which concentrates the Hotel Zone.
Bordered on the north by the Bahia de Mujeres, east by
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Cancun has an incredible view from where the horizon and enjoy all the beauty of the turquoise sea, this island of the Caribbean we Hotels and Luxury 3 star hotels offering the best service and quality, but if you want to enjoy another beach that is not the same as your hotel, we have the most beautiful public beaches in the world.

Small waves, gentle breezes, ideal for families.

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