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Case Study 1-1: ACMC Hospital Network Upgrade Information
This case study enables you to practice the skills and knowledge learned in the module.

Activity Objective
In this activity, you will create a high-level design for updating the ACMC Hospital network. After completing this activity, you will be able to meet these objectives: • • • • Document the requirements of the organization Document the existing network Identify and request missing information Outline the major design tasks for the network

Visual Objective
There is no visual objective for this case study.

Required Resources
These are the resources and equipment that are required to complete this activity: • • • Case study guidelines, presented on the Case Study page
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This process requires large amounts of bandwidth. All of the new servers are capable of using Gigabit or GEC connectivity. Many servers are currently located in various closets. Many lack UPS or proper environmental controls. The staff rolls a tape backup cart to each server closet to back up each server. There are about 40 centrally located servers in one raised floor server room and 30 other servers distributed around the campus near their users. The server room, the cafeteria, and other nonnetworked areas comprise the first floor of Main Building 1. Hospital Support Services has been experimenting with workstations on wheels (WoWs). It has proved inefficient to move these and plug them into an Ethernet jack . The WAN uses DS0 (56 kbps) links to three of the remote clinics and PC dial-up connectivity to the other two. The one router uses static routing that was configured by a previous network designer. The staff members have frequently complained about slow response times. There appears to be severe congestion of the LAN, especially during peak hours. The staff provided you with a copy of the recent network diagram.

Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) v2.0 © 2007 Cisco Systems, Inc.

You believe that the current situation does not provide for future growth, high reliability, and ease of management.

Plans and Requirements
The introduction of new applications will result in an

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