Channel To The Future

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3. Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook.
1.What was different when Jordan arrived home from school? He looked into the livingroom and saw a empty lace with no TV
2. What surprise did Jordan's father bring home? A new TV
3. What happened with the remote control? The button for Channel 4 doesn't work, so you have to change the channel manually
4. Why was Jordan frustrated? Because he want to see his favourite programme but the screen went blank
5. What was strange about the football game on TV? That the game who were issuing what they had to play the next day
6. Why was Jordan impatient with his father? Because he wanted to see the end of the game
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He remembered that the batería of the group Karumba was going to go to the place of the sunami of vacations, if they were verifying the place podrian to save the persons
4. What were the results of the Internet search? The didn't find nothing
5. How did the sergeant react at first to the boys' story? He dind't believe it
6. How could the airline help? The air line said to them where the batería of vacations was going to go
4. Answer the questions. Write the answers in your notebook.
1. Why did Sergeant O'Neil call Sergeant Morrison? Because tape-worm important information for the case
2. Jordan's parents were really home, but he didn't tell Sergeant Morrison the truth about it. Why do you think he did this? Because the parents would not believe themselves it it preferred coming to house and telling it to him in person
3. How did Jordan's parents react to his story? They didn't believe it, they think that Jordan was tired
4. What did Jordan's father do with the old remote control? It took it to the shop of electronics to change it
5. What happened to the remote control after it left the electronics shop? A man who looks for damaged remote controls took it to him and put it in a machine that does it bits
6. What did Bruce see when he stopped the car? Why was it important? In the button 4 it was possible to read FUTURE. It is important because it confirms that it was the Channel of the

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