Ciclo de conferencias de medio ambiente

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good morning fellow ohio us come from this series of lectures called environmental crisis:

below begin with bernabe MCJose Valencia director general of the ecology and environment of the UN. who will give a lecture entitled: "Global warming, a global challenge"

Ladies and gentlemen present here, the climate has always varied, the problem of climate change is that in the last century the pace of change has accelerated abnormally, to the extent that it affects and planetary life. In seeking the cause of this acceleration, scientists found a direct relationship between global warming or climate change and increasing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, caused mainly by industrialized societies.

A phenomenon of
…ver más…

Depending on the areas it is estimated that the percentage of timber harvested and transported illegally is between 20 and 80%. Some experts predict that by 2025 could be no forests in the Philippines due to illegal logging.

so I invite those present to raise awareness of the terrible damage he done to the planet every time we cut trees and wasted paper sheets. Thank you.

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