Ciclo menstrual

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Vovabulary about home things and kind of buildings.

101. Toothbrush(noun): Cepillo de dientes

It has a small brush and long handle, used to clean the teeth.
I forget my toothbrush at home today oh my god! How am I going to brush my teeth?

102. Toothpaste(noun): Pasta de dientes(pasta dentífrica)

It is a paste or gel dentifrice used with a toothbrush as an accessory to clean and maintain the aesthetics and health of teeth.
I am going to buy this one because, it might taste better than my old toothpaste.

103. Deodorant(noun): Desodorante

Deodorant α

It is a substance applied to the body to eliminated body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration.
After Peter
…ver más…

The dressing table is near the window
Attention! If you are looking for a dressing table we have a great selection to choose from to reflect your personal taste.

118. Make up (verb): Maquillar, ponerse cosméticos
Infinitive: to Make up
Past: Made up
Participle: Made up
Gerund: Making

Apply make-up or cosmetics to the one’s face to appear prettier.
She makes herself up every morning
119. Tidy(Adjective): Ordenado

Marked by good order and cleanliness an appearance or habits; “a tidy person”, “a tidy house”. Opposite (untidy).
My house is a big and very tidy.

120. Bedspread (noun): Cubrecama, colcha.

It is a decorative cover for a bed
I bought a new bedspread for my mom because her old bedspread torn.

121. Bedside table (noun): Velador

It is a small table or cabinet designed to stand beside a bed or elsewhere in a bedroom, as a place to put anything likely to be required during the night.
My bedroom has two bedside tables that give me my sister.

122. Bedside lamp (noun): Lámpara velador

A piece of furniture holding one electric light bulbs that is on bedside table and it used to illuminate bedroom.
This Bedside lamp lightens the bedroom a bit.

123. To Wear (verb): Vestir, llevar puesto, usar.
Infinitive: to wear
Past: Wore
Participle: Worn
Gerund: Wearing

Put clothing on one’s body.
- What should I wear today?
You should

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