Colombina y el pez azul

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The Thousand and One Nights

* Princess Scheherazade’s story
King Shahriyar’s wife’s betrayal filled him with hatred for all women.
Every night, motivated by vengeance and fear, he marries a different woman only to put her to death by morning.
Finally, a young woman, Scheherazade, devises a scheme to stop the bloodshed.
She weds the King, and on the first night of their marriage, she tells him a spellbinding story.
At daybreak, she still has not finished. * Princess Scheherazade’s Story Cont’d
As the executioners await their orders, Scheherazade promises King Shahriyar that she will finish the story that evening.
Captivated by the story, the King stays (stops) the order of execution.
That night Scheherazade finishes the
…ver más…

Finding the pages stuck together, he puts his finger to his mouth and turns over the first page.
He repeats this with the second and third pages.
He can find no writing in the book.
The severed head directs him to continue turning pages.
The King continues unaware that the leaves (pages) of the book had been treated with venom (poison).
He drops to the ground, poisoned by the book and by the

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