Como se constituye una asamblea

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1. Assembly Instructions 4- 7
1.1 For your safty
1.2 Handing the equipment
1.3 Instruction for assembly
1.4 Order of spare parts
1.5 Checklists parts
1.6 Checklist handware
2. General 7-8 2.1 Package
2.2 Disposal
2.3 Explanation of symbols
3. Assembly 9 - 15 3.1 Remove all parts from the transport box except the treadmill 3.2 Take the treadmill out of the transport box 3.3 Assembly Steps
4. Placing the treadmill 16 4.1 Aligning the treadmill 4.2 Power supply 4.3 Fold the treadmill 4.4Unfold the treadmill 4.5 Moving the treadmill 4.6
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- Pay attention to keep enough distance between the power cord or the treadmill and hot sources.
- Cut down the power when you moving the treadmill.
- In case of enquiry, please contact your dealer.
1.2 Handling the equipment

- Before using the equipment for exercise, check carefully to ensure that it has been correctly assembled.
- Before beginning with your first session, familiarize yourself thoroughly with all the functions and settings of the equipment.
- This machine is designed for using by adults. Children should not be allowed to play with it. Children at play behave unpredictably and dangerous situations may occur for which the manufacturer cannot be held liability. In spite of this, children are allowed to use the equipment, ensure that they are instructed in its proper use and supervised accordingly.
- The maximum user weight is 150 kg. It doesn’t allow two or more person exercise on the treadmill at the same time.
- A slight noise on the belt or motor is due to the construction and has no negative effects on operation.
- Do not use corrosive or abrasive materials to clean the equipment. Ensure that such materials are not allowed to pollute the environment.
- Please ensure that liquids or perspiration never enter the machine or the electronics.
- Before use, always check all screws and plug-in connections as well as respective

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