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Windows 2003 - Server Roles
Microsoft's slogan of - 'Easy to deploy, use, and manage' - does have a ring of truth. However, it does rely on you having the knowledge and skill to make your Windows Server 2003 fulfil its potential. I must confess that even though I am familiar with the different types of server, every time I checked with the 'Configure Your Server Wizard', I found at least one feature that I would otherwise have missed, so my mantra became - 'Give the wizard a chance'.
Roles for your Windows 2003 Server • Domain Controller • DNS (WINS) • DHCP • File Server • Print Server • Application Server • Mail Server • Terminal Services • RAS - Dial-in or VPN •
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• Disk Quotas - NTFS partitions • Share and NTFS Permissions - Share Wizard, here is a wizard I really like • Offline Settings for laptops • DFS and or RAID • Indexing service (Forgotten Service) • RAID and or DFS? • New feature - Shadow Copies File servers have always combined well with print servers.
Print Server Role
Print servers probably show the greatest variation of machine, from dedicated print servers, you get printers hanging off domain controllers to 'Jet Direct' printers with their own network cards. In my experience there is a contrast between the software settings which are easy to configure and the hardware which constantly cries for attention e.g. paper jam, 'out of toner'. Here is a checklist to for the software components of your print server: • Add Printer Wizard - same as ever • Drivers for Windows 9x clients • Change Spooler to another volume • Printer Priority • Network Printers • Web Based Printing (Clients)
Application Server Role
The sort of applications that I mean are database, e.g. SQL or web e.g. IIS.
There is rarely any advantage in installing Active Directory on Application servers, and often this combination creates problems as Active Directory and application services fight for resources or control of components. So install Application servers on their own member server.
Authentication is important for all server roles, but fail to tie

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