Conflictos laborales

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Titulo: Conflictos laborales

Ecatepec Estado de México 29 de septiembre de 2010 1. INTRODUCCION Los conflictos laborales se presentan dentro de cualquier tipo de organización o relación de trabajo ya sea desde una micro, pequeña, mediana o las grandes empresas. El siguiente trabajo presenta un análisis de los principales conflictos que se presentan en las organizaciones contemporáneas y de las consecuencias que estos provocan. Dentro de todas las organizaciones existen relaciones que en algún momento se pueden llegar a fracturar por una inadecuada comunicación o por la inexistencia de programas para la conciliación o prevención de
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This analysis forms a part of the investigation labor conflicts which has for principal aim analyze which are the reasons of that exist the labor conflicts or that these increase with effects harmful to the involved ones and the individuals close to these, coming out the physical borders of the organization Coming to concern the organization and the company. The investigation I develop realizing an analysis of 15 articles of labor conflicts, of diverse natures in which there analyze in firstly instance which are the possible reasons that originate a dilemma in the job environment, in this analysis a point is generalized as the factor More dominant in order that a conflict exists or in his this fault it worsens since it is the absence of a suitable communication or the inadequate use of the same one. On the other hand they are analyzed which are the effects that produce to themselves on having existed labor conflicts and these change, since there take place reasons that affect the company or organization in economic and social factors, bearing in mind that the problematic ones can manage to be a benefit for all the involved ones of being taken advantage and harmonizing Adequately or with methods more effective and not only of solution if not of

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