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Antonio: Hello
Marco: oh! hello! sorry, who are you?
Antonio: my name is antonio ,and, what is you name?
Marco: my name is marco.
Antonio: nice to meet you marco
Marco: nice to meet you to ,oh sorry this is my wife Cristina
Christina: Hi!
Antonio.- oh hi!
Marco.- antonio, what is you hobbie antonio?
Antonio.- oh i like artial marts, like tae kwon do for example, and yours?
Marco.- i like play soccer
Antonio.- what is your hobbie cristina?
Christina.- oh i like sing, very much!
Antonio.- ohh that's great!
Cristina.- yes, i love sing every kind of music it's so amazing
Antonio.- that's very good, well, i have to go, the work , you now, nice to meet you again boths of you, good bye
Cristina.- ok, take care, see ya
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Josie: Thanks. Hey, I've got to get going. I have to make dinner. Say hi to your families for me.
Lucy and Susan: Surely do! Byee!

Psychologist : “s”
Luis: “l”

s: good morning l: good morning s: sit down please l: thank you s: I introduce myself, my name is susana rivas and you should be Luis Alberto Salazar. l: yes, I am s: this interview, you will already know, it has for objective selecting qualified personnel in sales and industry for our company Rockwell

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