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Lima is known as a viceroys' city and tradition, in spite of the fact that also it was a stage of the development of pre-Hispanic villages. For his, location and particular elegance, it was considered to be the most important metropolis of America in the colonial epoch. The city is adorned by beautiful temples and casonas colonial, they characterize his, delicious food and the eternal religious devotion reflected in images as the Master of the Miracles.
An intense cultural activity flows in this city; the mixture of blood has created a richness that expresses in his hot and ingenious people. The city was created by the conqueror Francisco Pizarro, who chose the place for the strategic position of his
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• National Museum:

The National Museum is the most ancient state museum of our country and is constituted in it sedate of the National System of Museums of the State. His importance takes root in the vast and varied cultural patrimony that there shelter her rooms of exhibition and deposits. Ceramic, textiles, metals, organic material and líticos related to unassessable human remains preserved with technologies that still surprise the specialists, shape the legacy of our pre-Hispanic past.

• Larco Herrera Museum:

Presents the thinnest collection of gold and silver of former Peru, as well as the famous collection of erotic art, one of the tourist attractions most visited in Peru. The Museum Larco is one of few museums in the world where the visitors can cross his deposit and estimate archaeological due classified objects, which constitutes an unforgettable experience.

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