Count Vlad

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Count vlad
Chapter 1
First Alfred and Ernest stayed in the castle and spoke about the mystery of the count Dracula Alfred say’s (who will have killer the girl? ). Next they found the count (The letters) in a hole of the castle . Then sat in the dinner of the castle and started to read the count, the suspections start.
Chapter 2
The other day they go to the Dracula castle to investigate the crime, in the castle they found the servant of Dracula “Vlad”. Then Alfred and Ernest up the stairs to the room, when Alfred and Ernest stayed in the room of count Dracula look a picture of Dracula in this picture he don’t have sharp and in the other picture yes, this day they slept in the castle.
Chapter 3
Alfred and Ernest go to investigate to
…ver más…

Chapter 7
Alfred and Ernest look a little wall and pushed when they pushed look a little room and have a big door and found a laboratory, in this laboratory experimented whit humans. And Ernest look bat and the bat was a vampire which bit Ernest. They wants to kill the Doctor for the experiments and go to find he.
Chapter 8
The next Morning Alfred and Ernest investigated Rodolfo and confessed he was the son of the count Dracula and Mania, Alfred intrigued say “This no possible” so they investigated more and was true. Rodolfo was hurt.
Chapter 9 they found Dracula will, and when they want to make it legal, they found Dr. Magorsky and one of his men shot Rodolfo, Ernest help him and they arrive to an inn and rest, Rodolfo say thinks to Ernest because he had saved his life...
Chapter 10
Alfred and Ernest were on a train ate cakes and when he arrived their destination, Nicolai try to kill Ernest but Ernest kill Nicolai the crime was resolved. Ernest received a letter of his grandfather and say that he created Frankenstein, Ernest and Alfred take a train and go to England to drink champagne.

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