Curso De Ingreso De La Uade

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| 2012 |

Descripción del programa

El Departamento de Idiomas les ofrece cursar durante el verano y 1° y 2° cuatrimestre alguna de las dos partes del programa Inglés Nivel Inicial (INI), que apunta a brindar las herramientas
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Email writing: Making/Accepting/Declining an Invitation, Internal messages, Attachments.
Telephoning and social situations: Arranging/ Accepting/canceling a meeting, Making/Canceling an invitation, Making/Confirming a reservation, Job interview, Welcoming a visitor, Shopping, Asking for and giving directions, Ordering a meal at a restaurant, Talking business, Getting around the city.




English 365 Book 1 ( units 1 – 15)

Unit 1: Meeting a person for the first time and getting to know each other.
Grammar points: Present simple tense (affirmative/Negative/Interrogative forms)
Vocabulary: Countries and Nationalities
Unit 2: Organizations / jobs and professions / activities in a company.
Grammar points: Present simple tense, collocations, word formation using prefixes and suffixes.
Vocabulary: connected to organizations, jobs and activities within a company.
Unit 3: Plans for the weekend: Sports and Leisure activities
Grammar points: Present simple tense, Future going to for intended plans, the use of the gerund as a subject and after some verbs (love/like/enjoy/dislike/hate) to show interest and preferences. Question making to interview a partner.
Vocabulary: Sports and Leisure activities.
Unit 4: Across Cultures (showing different customs and habits)
Grammar points: Present simple tense,

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