Derechos de los animales (en ingles)

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Animal Rights

More than 200 millions of animals are killed every year in the entire world. This is problem because every year this number of hunting animals is growing up. This is a world problem because many people don’t know about this problem or sometimes they didn’t care about this problem. Animals as living things feel and need to be care because by hunting animals and is reason why animals are in danger of extinction. The nature of the animals is not to attack for fun, but for surviving, and many of the humans kill important and beautiful animals to get money, to sell their fur, or just for fun. Also people think that animals are their slaves to accomplish their wants more than their needs, people think that
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There are many rights that are not being done.

* They have to live in a small cage made of paper and being in * the darkness almost the 24 hours a day with just one tour of Light * When their testicles are ripped without a previous anesthesia * They are forced to be in a cage very tiny without the necessary space to move or to clean itself * They have no rest area to sleep. They must have grass to sleep, but farmers put them to sleep on iron bars * Farmers does not allow the pigs to live in their excrement instead they transport them in trucks very violently and with a lot of stress.
Not only pigs rights are violated also the cow´s and hen´s. * Cows are grabbed to trees in winters and also their babies * Veals are separated from their mothers since they are born and are kept in cages where they only eat to be killed and their mother´s milk is used for humans
Hens are not treated better thought * Their five Basic rights are not respected * Their beaks are cut * They are forced to put eggs all day long * They are not allowed to go out to his to shower with sand * They are thrown to cages without caring about them
Not all the farms are on the earth there are also “fish factories” that are water farms in which they make the fish to eat until they are ready to be killed like any other animal in any faro. These “fish factories” are built near

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