Derrame de petroleo en golfo de mexico

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Building on the success of last year’s multiple-awardwinning FIFA 10, FIFA 11 sets a new bar for match and player authenticity. New features like Personality+, the Pro Passing System, and Advanced Goalkeeper Awareness will take your gameplay to a new level. This chapter gives you a complete rundown of everything you need to know about the new features in FIFA 11.

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The realistic gameplay of FIFA 10 garnered the title fifty sports game of the year awards. FIFA 11 expands on the already incredible gameplay of the FIFA series to provide gamers with the ultimate football experience. With the introduction of Personality+, the Pro Passing System, new skill moves and more, you’ll enjoy
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FIFA 11 boasts realistic goalkeeper reach and reaction times
Goalkeepers also receive the benefi ts of the Personality+ system in FIFA 11. Is your keeper acrobatic or more traditional? Their play style will be reflected in the game. A database of dive and reflex attributes will determine how far a goalkeeper can reach, and how fast he can react. You’ll see Petr Cech’s size advantage, or Hugo Lloris’s shotstopping skill under pressure play out realistically in the box.

Get a sense of a player’s personality by checking out their specialty badges. In the Squad option on the Team Management menu, badges are displayed next to each player’s name. A complete list of player specialties, plus a selection of key players’ personality traits, appear at the end of this chapter.

Cristiano Ronaldo takes a header toward the goal




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FIFA 10 made great strides in eliminating the feeling of “ping-pong” passes that affected earlier generations of the game. Players became better at analyzing the space around them, enabling pinpoint passes and providing a more realistic sense of gameplay. With FIFA 11, EA SPORTS introduces the Pro Passing system to take passing authenticity another step further. Now, passing accuracy is truly in your hands! The game takes into account the skill of the player and the

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