Desarrollo del algebra

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effective homepage
As a general rule, your homepage is the first encounter someone will have with your business. Great care should be taken to design and structure your homepage so that readers will digest and act on your business message. Below we’ve identified certain qualities that compose an effective homepage. Special thanks to @keanrichmond and @onextrapixel.

the anatomy of an

1. the basics logo Tasteful sizing and placement of a logo is essential for any good homepage. Logos should be able to quickly communicate your company’s ethos and personality to users both new and old.

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you visit, you’ll notice that nearly all well-designed homepages contain the following elements.

…ver más…

Microcopy can play a big part in communicating what your site is about.

the fold
Don’t make it difficult for the user to find out information about your business. Be sure to communicate what your business does above the “fold”—the visible portion of a webpage that people see immediately upon visiting.

The main purpose of design and imagery is to capture a user’s attention so that they will read the content that is presented. Be sure to structure content and engage the user so that they read, digest and act on your message.

more on microcopy
Always be looking for ways to make it easier for the user to understand what your website is all about. For example, if you’re a web designer, instead of a navigation link to your “Services,” you could create a link to your “Web Design Services.” Changes such as this one help to inform the user what your business does.

Need help to determine whether your homepage is effective or not? We can help!

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people pay you. not pageviews.
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