Desiquilibrio espacial de la poblacion de venezuela

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“Buses and cars vied with each other in the time-honored Buenos Aires game of seeing how close they could get to each other at the maximum speed without actually crashing.” (Gerald Durrell, p. 15) “the massive building that looked like a cross between the Parthenon and the Reichstag in whose massive interior lurked the most formidable enemy of sanity and liberty in Argentina: the Aduana, or Customs.” (Gerald Durrell, p. 16)
“for some reason known only to the Almighty and the scintillating brains in the Aduana,” (Gerald Durrell, p 16)
“being passed from office to office with a sort of clock-work-like regularity which was so monotonous and so frustrating that you really began to wonder if your brain would last out the course.” (Gerald
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(Gerald Durrell, p. 18)
‘Why not?’ asked Josefina innocently.You do.’ (Gerald Durrell, p. 18)
‘That is not the point,’ I said severely. (Gerald Durrell, p. 18)
‘But it is nice to say, no? she said with satisfaction. ‘And I’ave learn more;I know Blurry Bastard and...’ (Gerald Durrell, p. 18)
‘All right, all right,’ I said hastily. ‘I believe you. But for Heaven’s sake don’t use them in front of your mother, other-wise she’ll stop you from driving me.’” (Gerald Durrell, p. 18) “ ‘Señor Garcia, God blees his blue chin and eau-de-cologne-encrusted brow, was about as much use as a beetle in a bottle. (Gerald Durrell, p. 19)
“Only a man with a name like Dante would be able to survive in that Infierno of Garcias.’ ‘And you nealy spoilt everything,’ said Mercedes reproach-fully, ‘asking him if that was a picture of his father. You knew it was San Martin.’ (Gerald Durrell, p. 19)
‘Yes, I know, but I felt if I didn’t say something silly my brain would snap like a pair of ancient elastic-sided boots.’” (Gerald Durrell, p. 19)
“ It’s sort of animal, about as big as a pony, with a long nose. It looks like a small elephant gone wrong.’ (Gerald Durrell, p. 19) “‘Yes, I told her it was a little animal with far.’ (Gerald Durrell, p. 20)
‘Not exactly a zoological description. What’s she going to say when I turn up with something that’s nearly bald and the size of a pig?’ (Gerald Durrell, p. 20)
‘Once it’s here, it’s here’” (Gerald

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