Dialogo de ingles de 4 personas

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Clobis: Hello Ghersi, how are you? I am glad to see you today, aren’t you? What are you doing? * Greetings * Tag questions * Verbal tense (continuous present)
Ghersi: Hi dude, I’m fine, thanks, and you? Of course, I am glad to see you, too. I am on shopping, and, this is my friend Marco. * Introduce people
Clobis: I am very well, nice to meet you Marco. Excuse me, this is my friend Luis. Do you study together like us? * Apologizing * Verbal tense (simple present) * Objective pronouns
Marco: Don’t worry! It’s nice to meet you Luis. No, we don’t study together. We are on shopping; do you like eating ice-creams? Why don’t you come with us? * Gerund * Elementos de una oracion (sujeto, verbo,)
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If you want it, you have to study. If you study now, you will be a professional in the future. * Conditional clauses * Giving information or description about somebody or someplace.
Marco: But, if you don’t enjoy living now, you will be sorry when you are old. Don’t you think so? * Gerund * Conditional clauses * Tag questions
Clobis: May I say something? I do think that we should enjoy life now, but if you don’t study, you won’t have a good job, so you won’t have any money, and you couldn’t enjoy you youngness. * Asking for permission * Emphatic form (Do)
Ghersi: You know what? They are right Marco, we should have studied more since a long time ago, what do you say if we start to study now? We would feel better than know, and we will be more prepared. * Modal verbs * Auxiliary verbs * Adjectives * Prepositions
Luis: That’s a good choice! If you had studied more, you would be closer to the graduation, anyway congratulations for your new choice. * Conditional clauses (perfect past) * Articulo indefinido
Marco: Ok, let’s do it! So, what would you like to study, where would you like to study, and would you help me? The thing is that I feel a little scared about it. * Asking information * Asking for help Clobis: Of course we will help you; that is why we are here. I wish you to be succeeded! You must start studying right now; I think you have to start since the

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