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Radio Escucha
Canción: Sexy Bitch
ANNOUNCER: Welcomes to its program of radio “Help Me” only by Teachersito 1090 a.m. To this we want it program to dedicate to the care of each of us. Because today the vanity is cool. We will have a special guest: the doctor and personal specialist in sexuality and cares “Pati Rivas”.
Also there will be dedications, doubts that we will answer, experiences and much more…
And now it gave east program begins now.
Canción: Calle 8
ANNOUNCER: Good and in personal cares the today subject we have to them like taking care of the face of those so annoying granites. Doctor that tips has to us?
Doctor: for the care of the face I recommend to use a soap that helpful does not contain
…ver más…
ANNOUNCER: The Pregnancy (Embarrassment) means for a girl to put end (purpose) to his (her,your) education, to his(her,your) aspirations, to lose friendship, and up to separating of his (her,your) family.
ANNOUNCER: does not happen this way with the boys responsible for this paternity, they follow(continue) his(her,your) life normally.
ANNOUNCER For the girl means a high place
ANNOUNCER For the girl means a high risk of health so much for her(it) as(like) for the child or girl for being born. His(her,your) body is not prepared for the maternity.
ANNOUNCER The fear of the discrimination and of the expulsion takes enough young women(persons) to the clandestine abortion, with danger of his(her,your) life.
ANNOUNCER In addition, many of these cases are a result of sexual abuse the incest.
ANNOUNCER thinks that more than the half of the teen pregnancies they are a product of violations of the father or of a nearby relative.
Canción: Sweet Dreams
ANNOUNCER Good this day we have invited specially to speak itself more thoroughly on a topic that to many boys and girls worries “HUMID DREAMS ". Welcome on the doctor Rivas
CONFERS A DOCTOR'S DEGREE: Friends and friends, once again with you to converse on what they did not leave us to converse young when, on the sex. Because many…

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