Dialogos de la pelicula high school musical

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Gabriella?s mum: Gabby its new year’s eve. Enough reading.
Gabriella: But mum I?m almost done and…
Gabriella?s mum: The teen party? I?ve laid out your best clothes. Come get ready.
Gabriella: Can I have my book back?
Gabriella: Thank you
Gabriella?s mum: Come on
Coach: Keep working on it troy got a guard in the championship game were expecting you’ll torch ‘em!
Troy: Am I going left?
Coach: yeah. He looks down the middle you take it downtown
Troy: Ok like this?
Coach: Whoo that’s man. sweet. let’s see that in the game .
Troy?s mum: Boys? did we really fly all this way to play more basket ball?
Both : (look at each other then back at troy?s mum)yeah.
Troy?s Mum: It?s the last night of vacation. The party, remember?
…ver más…
and welcome to east high we will get to know each other in detention mr Bolton I see your phone is involved we will see you in detention as well
Chad: No that’s not even possibility miss Darbus your honour, see cos we have basketball practise and Troy…
Miss Darbus: Ah that’s 15 minutes for you too. count em’.
Taylor: That will be tough, Chad can’t count!
Miss Darbus: Taylor mchessey 15 minutes(Taylor gasps)shall the cornage continue? holidays are over people. way over! now, any more comments, questions? Ah Jason?
Jason: So uh how were your holidays miss Darbus(class sigh and look at Jason)what?
Chad: see ya in detention dude
Troy: see you later. it’s all good. ugh I, she’s crazy!
Troy: Hey(to Gabriella)
Gabriella: Hey I guess your wondering why I?m here huh? Well my mom’s company
Transferred her here to Albuquerque I can?t believe you live here I looked for you at the lodge but you weren?t there!
Troy: (whispering)We had to leave first thing
Gabriella: Why are you whispering?
Troy: What? oh, uh…my friends know about the snow boarding but I haven’t quite told them about the(whisper)singing thing.
Zeke: What’s up?
Troy: Hey!
Gabriella: Too much for them to handle?
Troy; No, no it was cool, but you know my friend’s it’s not what I do it was like another person so uh

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