Digital tecnology for students

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How digital technology can help teaching and learning in a second language classroom?

Computer Assisted Language Learning it is a very useful class where you as a teacher can learn many ways to teach using new ways of teach.According to all the information given and the practice that we created, it is seen how in classrooms new technology it’s a very good tool. But it is very important to know how to use technology; in that way your students will be encourage using it and could be a good way to motivate your students. Because nowadays most of the students are digital natives, so it is very important to involve this type of technology in order to have new ways of teaching and new work strategies.

In this paper it is going to be about
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Two general distinctions can be made. Students can learn "from" computers where technology used essentially as tutors and serves to increase students basic skills and knowledge; and can learn "with" computers, where technology is used a tool that can be applied to a variety of goals in the learning process and can serve as a resource to help develop higher order thinking, creativity and research skills (Reeves, 1998; Ringstaff & Kelley, 2002).
Now it is a clear example of digital utensils, which are all the tools that we need as teachers in a classroom, in this case for second language learners.
But now that we know this what are some advantages and disadvantages of using technology in a classroom?
It is known that most of the students are use to technology so it is a motivated tool because they involve themselves. The use of technology inside or outside the classroom tends to make the class more interesting. One way a program or activity can promote motivation in students is by personalizing information, for example by integrating the student’s name or familiar contexts as part of the program or task. Others include having animate objects on the screen, providing practice activities that incorporate challenges and curiosity and providing a context like some games real-world or fantasy where

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