Dimensiones comunicativas en la primera infancia

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CA741, CA741C, CA1458, CA1558, LM741, LM741C, LM1458
Data Sheet September 1998 File Number 531.4

0.9MHz Single and Dual, High Gain Operational Amplifiers for Military, Industrial and Commercial Applications
The CA1458, CA1558 (dual types); CA741C, CA741 (single types); high-gain operational amplifiers for use in military, industrial, and commercial applications. These monolithic silicon integrated circuit devices provide output short circuit protection and latch-free operation. These types also feature wide common mode and differential mode signal ranges and have low offset voltage nulling capability when used with an appropriately valued potentiometer. A 10kΩ potentiometer is used for offset nulling types CA741C, CA741 (see Figure 1).
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NOTES: 1. Values apply for each section of the dual amplifiers. 2. All types in any package style can be operated over the temperature range of -55oC to 125oC, although the published limits for certain electrical specification apply only over the temperature range of 0oC to 70oC. 3. θJA is measured with the component mounted on an evaluation PC board in free air.

Electrical Specifications
PARAMETER Input Capacitance Offset Voltage Adjustment Range Output Resistance Output Short Circuit Current Transient Response Rise Time Overshoot Slew Rate (Closed Loop) Gain Bandwidth Product

Typical Values Intended Only for Design Guidance, VSUPPLY = ±15V SYMBOL CI TEST CONDITIONS TYPICAL VALUE (ALL TYPES) 1.4 ±15 RO 75 25 Unity Gain, VI = 20mV, RL = 2kΩ, CL ≤ 100pF UNITS pF mV Ω mA µs % V/µs MHz


0.3 5.0

RL ≥ 2kΩ RL = 12kΩ

0.5 0.9

Electrical Specifications

For Equipment Design, VSUPPLY = ±15V (NOTE 4) CA741, CA1558, LM741 MIN ±12 70 0.3 TYP 1 1 ±13 90 30 2 MAX 5 6 150 (NOTE 4) CA741C, CA1458, LM741C, LM1458 MIN ±12 70 0.3 TYP 2 ±13 90 30 2 MAX 6 7.5 150 UNITS mV mV V V dB dB µV/V µV/V MΩ

PARAMETER Input Offset Voltage


TEMP (oC) 25 Full

Input Common Mode Voltage Range

25 Full

Common Mode Rejection Ratio

RS ≤ 10kΩ

25 Full

Power Supply Rejection Ratio

RS ≤ 10kΩ

25 Full


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