Discurso de discriminacion

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E-Government Project Success

The Case of the Mexican E-Procurement System CompraNet

Carlos J. Navarrete


Mr. Carlos Jaso arrived in the conference room at 7:45 am. His presentation about CompraNet was the third presentation of the track “Success in e-Government,” scheduled from 8:00 am to 10:30 am. Not being a scholar, he felt some pressure about giving an academic presentation on CompraNet. Still, after ten years of leading the project, he had given presentations about this e-procurement system dozens of times to foreign ministers, high ranking politicians, top ranking government officials and hundreds of users. Furthermore, he had asked his staff to design his presentation for an academic
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E-Government Track

The GovBenefits.gov System

Patrick Pizzela presented GovBenefits.gov, a Web site oriented to help users identify their eligibility for the best benefit program. GovBenefits.gov is part of the e-Government program promoted by President Bush to facilitate the interaction between citizens and business with government agencies. GovBenefits.gov is the official Web site for more than 400 federal benefit programs. Before April 2002, when the site started operations, information about federal benefits was spread across 31 million Web pages hosted by hundreds of sites.

Carlos Jaso listened to the presenter, imagining how the project had been justified and comparing that justification with the actual impact of the system. In three years, the presenter stated, more than 3 million users—veterans, students, farmers, children and seniors among others— were able to identify the benefit programs that were relevant to them. By 2005 GovBenefit.gov received 300 thousand visitors per month, and the total number of visitors so far reached 17 million people. The site had evolved to work with customized connections, which allows the reuse of GovBenefit’s functionality to develop and implement new Web sites. For example, in 2004, GovLoans.gov was designed with the Department of Education’s reusing GovBenefits architecture. This architecture secures access to consolidated federal information[1].

The Gorod Payment System


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